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Battle for 1st in the NL West starts tomorrow! We’ll talk about it today at 3pm! Kaplan and crew.com

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@fernando_tatis21 has finally played 162 regular season games and check out his ridiculous numbers!

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Is it time to remove the Sheriff from the rotation?

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That’s a series win for the @padres!!!!

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Pay to play may have reached a new low

Pay to play may have reached a new low How do you feel about greed?We talk a lot about the greed of players all the time.When a guy chooses money over a championship. When a guy won’t take less money to stay with your favorite team or help sign other guys. We have a special …

Pay to play may have reached a new low Read More »

Bill, when did it stop being fun?

My favorite thing about a truly great player in any sport is you can see how much joy playing the game gives them. One of the reasons we enjoyed Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant was their pure instinct to kill anyone on the court wearing the opposing uniform. What made us love those same men …

Bill, when did it stop being fun? Read More »



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Scott Kaplan and crew are live Monday through Friday from the SBR Studios

The Kaplan & Crew show is live Monday Through Friday at 3pm. Covering everything happening in sports and entertainment for the last 2 decades. The show has gone from #1 morning show, to #1 drive time show, to now branching out and changing the way sports talk programs are heard and VIEWED. Whatever social media platform you use, the Kaplan & Crew show is there. We are where you are!  

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We eliminate all the smoke and mirrors and shell games and we explain why when you call 5 different companies you get 5 different answers regarding interest rates and closing costs!


Scott Kaplan #GreatFriends

Scott Kaplan just can't stop.  It's all he knows how to do. Put one foot in front of the other, and keep moving. And talking! 

Kaplans's  mother told his when he was a kid, "You're big mouth is gonna get you in trouble!" She was right. 

Scott can't contain himself from being brutally honest on air, it's a philosophy; don't lie to the audience.  That honesty, created the trust of the Great Friends Network, which has supported all (well, most) of Scott's media ventures. 

Since forming the Scott and BR Radio Show in 2001, Kaplan utilized the airwaves throughout  Southern California to become a multi media  entrepreneur.  First the production of The Scott and BR Show on TV, then as creator and central character in the reality  series Stable Wars, founding of the social media platform Sided, which Scott is currently CEO, and finally taking the radio show from AM terrestrial radio, to an all digital format, and back! 

Scott can also be heard on Westwood One's coverage of NFL Monday Night Football.  

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Kaplan & Crew

Broadcasting Live Monday through Friday at 3pm PST

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