is this end game or civil war


is this end gAME OR CIVIL WAR

I miss normal. I miss knowing that I could go sit down at my favorite bar on Sunday, have a bucket of beer, look up at 30 TV's and watch the Chicago Bears choke away another close game. That Sunday normalcy is now just a memory for now. I like you want to get back to normal. I'm tired of this shit. I'm tired of the mask. I'm tired of the testing. I'm tired of wondering if every cough I hear could be the end of someone's life. Covid is recking shit like the 85 Bears. The crazy part is we all have a solution to this issue. Get vaccinated! I know we have some holdouts around the league. It's time for the league and the players association to gather all those players and tell them to get the fuck out!

It's funny how quickly we forgot when some of these same players didn't take a stand during the social injustice. The idea of "I have to feed my family" was a great line then, yet somehow protecting your family isn't the same as feeding them. Too many times in this country sports has to take the lead to get people in line and in lockstep. Getting people vaccinated may be the most enormous ask we have ever needed from the sports world. This will be the avengers moment. This is the end game. We are going to need the likes of Nick Saban to join his rivals from Clemson. We will need coach K from Duke and coach Calipari from Kentucky. Yankees and Dodgers. Lakers and Celtics. Raiders and well, everyone hates the raiders.
The coaches need to mandate masks or proof of vaccination to enter colleges games. Imagine by the end of the college football season if you saw 100,000 screaming fans in Alabama, Michigan or Austin,Texas and those people were vaccinated. Add to that every time Sofi or Cowboy stadium sells out, it's with vaccinated fans!

Fans can't turn their back on their sport. The fans have stuck with players through murders, DUI's, dogfighting, cheating scandals and many things I can't even remember. The question is will they turn their back on them over vaccinations. Will stands not fill? Will bathroom lines not run long? Will concession stands not look so long it seems like they are giving the food away for free? I'm willing to take that gamble. Is Nick Saban? Is Dabo Sweeney? Is Coach K? Is Jerry Jones? I think we are about to find out. On the pro level we have already seen teams release statements about wearing mask. If we go back to empty stadiums because of outbreaks and owners start losing money I can assure you the change will be made. Hell, the team will give out the shots in the parking lot if they have to for paying customers to keep paying those crazy prices to watch games. We can all do our part to stop this out of control virus. Let's hope we can stop this before it Thanos the sports world into dust.


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