Move bitch get out the way


A great poet of the 21st century once famously said and i quote “move bitch get out the way”. That's what the Padres should be saying to the reds today. There was nothing dirty about the slide into home plate by Luke Voit. This play has so many things happening on both ends its hard to see how both guys didn’t get hurt. When the Buster Posey rule was put in it was to stop this type of play from happening. Tyler Stephenson put himself on the train track and now the Reds are pissed because he got tracks all over is head!

The play occurred in the first inning where a hit down the third baseline allowed Viot a shot a scoring from first. Voit is build like a fridge he’s a mountain with legs and arms, so anyone with eyes could see this going bad from the moment he made his turn at third base. The throw was slightly offline enough that Stephenson had to reach our for it then try and make the play. He clearly lost where he was on the field and stretched his body out to try and tag Voit. That was pretty dumb. That then lead to him stephenson getting his head slammed into the dirt like a spiked football. Look you can be mad if you want but that play was completely on Stephenson! In a sport where guys are bigger and stronger than ever you put your head in a place it shouldn’t have been and that shit almost got popped like a grape. If I’m in the reds clubhouse i would be advising my teammate to make better business decisions. I get why his teammates are mad. They suck at baseball! Now their teammate is getting helped off the field because he just got ran over by a ford bronco and couldn’t tell you what year it was.

It's a classic tune played in clubs and parties around the world. Maybe the next time Tyler Stephenson should take Luda’s advise and just get out the way bitch!


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