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With the padres season being at a midpoint sitting at 52-42 we need to talk. I got some good news and some bad news for ya. Everyone asking about the panic button and screaming for trades and who are the padres gonna add let's take a second to think. I see so many fans in panic mode because of the way the padres lose some of these games. Clearly, something is wrong with the travel to colorado because that’s not working. Other than that every loss isn’t as ugly as you may think. I’m not gonna get too deep into the numbers but I will give you a number that matters to me in the mud and junk which is the 162-game baseball season. Seventy. Seven, zero. No matter if it's a blown save or the bats go quiet again in another 2 run outing. The number you should be focused on is seventy. Baseball is a game unique in loss because it's what most players do more than win. If you bat three hundred in baseball you might make half a billion dollars over your playing career because the game is built for losing! That’s right baseball is built to lose more than you win. Last year three of the wild card playoff teams lost seventy games or more. The world series champion won their division and the title and you guessed it lost more than seventy games.

This isn’t football where more than seven losses will have a fan base looking toward next year's draft. Nor is this the NBA where losses pile up based on times because of travel schedules. Forty losses in basketball mean you're making the playoffs but you're not going anywhere. Baseball is a totally different ball game! Now I can’t tell you how to be a fan and if you wanna live with every lose and have a parade for every win have at it that’s cool. with this team, shit with this sport I think you should take a lighter approach. Go hard or go home should be reserved for late August or early September. When we come back from the all-star break with forty-two losses on the record and number forty-three comes sooner than you would like just remember we still have at least twenty-eight more to go on our way to the world series!


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