Super Mario Brothers +


Super Mario Brothers +

By John Browner

Super Mario Brothers +

If your like me you grew up spending hours thumbing away on Nintendo and Super Nintendo playing video games until your thumbs got sore. The love for video games for almost all of us started with two brothers a princess and a dragon turtle! If it wasn’t saving her then it was her saving you in a game of Mario Kart! Whenever I hear one of these movies have been turned into a live action film i also cringe with PTSD from others like Double Dragon, Street Fighter and don’t get me started on Mortal Combat and the 1993 version of Super Mario with Bob Hoskins playing the role of Mario, while John Leguizamo plays Luigi. That shit was terrible! 

You have to be careful when you hear people are pissed about a movie after seeing a 60 second trailer. That was the case when the current Mario Brothers trailer dropped voiced by Chris Pratt who played Mario. The issue I expected to have with this movie was that it felt like a kids film coming into it. Walking out of it I can’t say I felt that way. Don’t get me wrong it’s not Rated R but the action and comedy landed well along with the classic Nintendo add on’s like Donkey Kong. There aren’t many plot twists or surprises. This is as straight forward as a movie can get. You know what you’re getting into and it lands right where you think it should have.

The Brown Bag Rating system gives this one 3 Brown Bags out of 5!

As much fun as it was to have the Mario Brothers back in theaters this one was for the next generation of Nintendo switch players more than it was us old ass Nintendo 64 heads! Take your kids to see this one they will enjoy it and so will you. I stopped at Three Brown Bags because as much fun as this was it felt like something you would see on one of the many + apps out there. If this was on Disney plus it would have been great because it felt like thats where it belonged. 


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